Message From a Chief Resident

“Hi. My name is Amit Saha, and I am one of the chief residents here at The New York Hospital Medical Center of Queens.
“I am from Rochester, New York and went to high school at Pittsferd Sutherland. I did my undergraduate work at Johns Hopkins and my medical training at the State University of New York at Buffalo. Next year I plan to start a colo-rectal fellowship at SUNY Buffalo.

“I have many interests, but can only pursue a few with the limited time we have during surgical residency. I like to go out in New York to eat at the many ethnic restaurants and also enjoy going to clubs. I love watching sports including baseball, football and basketball and enjoy an occasional pickup game with the other residents. Another of my passions is bridge.
“Enough about me, though. Let me tell you about our training program. We work in a 450-bed hospital that serves the ethnically diverse community of Queens. We have four residents per year with most going on to fellowship (colorectal, plastics, cardiac and surgical oncology). The case load here is tremendous but most importantly, diverse, with a good mix of elective and emergency surgery. I have found that the faculty have an enormous fund of knowledge as well as a willingness to teach and be supportive.

“I have much enjoyed my five years of training here at NYHQ, and would recommend the program to anyone willing to work hard to become a well trained surgeon.”